What are Dummy Vents?

So, here are a few pictures of installations of casement windows.

Our question to you is… Which vents of these windows open and which ones don’t?

Can you tell? No? Well that’s the whole idea of installing dummy casements to achieve equal sight lines.

You can normally tell instantly because the opening sections of a window are normally a little thicker than the fixed parts.

But it’s not possible on this project because we incorporated equal sight lines to the frame, or “dummy casements” as they are known as.

We make the window with mock openings and invisibly screw them closed so that they appear from the outside that the window in fact opens when it doesn’t.

Of course, dummy vents do not incorporate any locking mechanisms so there is no additional hardware or handles to fit, and there is no additional maintenance when dummy vents are fitted.

This method of manufacture can add significantly to the appearance of the installation, and can add a more pleasant look to the finished elevation.

They don’t cost the earth, but may be a consideration if you are trying to create a more balanced window layout, particularly if you have larger frames.

We are happy to help on this or any design queries which you may have, and we are more than happy to take time with you to make sure we get the appearance of your property just as you want it to be.

Double Glazing in Leicester
Double Glazing in Leicester
Double Glazing in Leicester
Double Glazing in Leicester
Double Glazing in Leicester


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